The Yongquan Martial Arts Association

Traditional Chinese arts done right

The Yongquan Martial Arts Association was founded at Middlesex University in 1994 by Sifu Raymond Rand under the guidance of his teacher Master Lam Kam Chuen.

Over the years, the association has grown into one of the leading organisations for the development of Chinese martial arts in the UK, particularly for the arts of Tai Chi Chuan, Choy Lee Fut and Xing Yi, but has a wealth of experience covering many other martial disciplines (including the rare 16-and-a-half-point weapons system), as well as traditional Chinese medicine.

The Chinese word Yongquan is the name of the root of the kidney meridian in the sole of the foot. It translates as 'the bubbling spring' and is appropriate because it represents the root of the body's energy and also its source.

Today the association continues to grow and evolve under the leadership of Sifu Rand, assisted by Sifu Douglas Robertson, Sifu Donald Kerr, and our own head instructor, Sifu Damon Smith, who between them have a total of around 150 years worth of martial arts experience.