Sixteen and a Half Point Pole

Ultra-fast Shaolin Weapons System

Sixteen and a Half Point Pole is a fast Shaolin weapons system from the North of China. It should not be confused with the similar sounding Six and a Half Point Pole of the Southern Wing Chun system - the two systems have no relationship and are dissimilar.

Sixteen and a Half Point Pole is an extensive and complete martial art containing barehand methods in addition to its flagship weapons methods. The art has seventeen principles, two of which are very similar to each other, hence name "sixteen-and-a-half-point".

One of the benefits of training in Sixteen and a Half Point Pole is that it is extremely fast, even by martial arts standards, and for this reason gives a different perspective that you can take over to your practice of other arts.

The art also has a reputation for being painful to learn - this is certainly true but the traditional damage suffered by students can now be mitigated through the use of modern protective equipment.