What people say about foXfist

Sifu Rand
There is a saying - "Those that can, do. Those that can't, teach". Damon Smith is living proof that this saying can be false. Not only is he an authority of the intellectual aspects of the martial arts he teaches but anyone who has seen Damon in action will tell you that you doubt his skill and power at your peril!

Sifu Raymond Rand, Technical Director, Yongquan Martial Arts Association

I have met and trained with a number of skilled martial artists across the world in the UK, Europe and China and I would rank Damon among the best. Damon's skill and ability is matched by his deep knowledge and understanding of martial arts.

Paul Andrews, co-founder of Xing Yi Academy

I had the privilege to study under Damon Smith for several years and study different martial systems under him. Damon is one of, if not the most knowledgeable teacher I have had for traditional Chinese martial arts. His armed combat ability is second to none. The rarity with Damon Smith is his remarkable fighting skills are complemented and backed up with a deep, extensive knowledge on Chinese arts and military strategy.

Alistair Chatterley, European Full Contact Chinese Sword Champion

Damon Smith, one of the most knowledgable martial artists I've ever worked with, combines a breadth of traditional Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian styles with a fundamental understanding of the underpinning principles which unite his many styles into a single comprehensive discipline. He has transformed my understanding of the systems I've been practising for decades. He is also one of the most lucid and clear teachers I have come across.

Bernard Ward, teacher of Shaolin Five Animals, Po Fai Lim Sao Wing Chun, Tai Chi Chuan and Choy Lee Fut.